catchoo comes from some other planet called xo825xo (not in this galaxy) she is a formidable supermachine shaped like a jelly-blob that uses artificial intelligence to create primo loveable supercute misfit creatures and shoots them to our planet earth carrying messages that are full of good cosmic vibes and words of wisdom 🥠 specially formulated algorithms combine digital technology, solar energy with inspiration, love, joy, peace, hopecomfort, connection and acceptance. (ok not entirely true but almost all true)(keep reading for the real story of catchoo 😉 )

catchoo creatures and their fantastic worlds can be found in digital art, illustrated books, stickers, textiles and accessories made for humans, things and homes. if you have a peek inside the supershop you can find something for you to buy and keep, collect, decorate your bubble or give a special gift to someone that means a lot to you. there are many superstickers to choose from, phone cases, clothing, hats, prints and more being added to the supershop in the near future. 

all art is created with maximum supercute details and designed with quality, long lasting beautiful materials with eco-consciousness in mind. bring out the supercharm!

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hello hello again! the above words was the very skinny on catchoo, oh there’s lots more so grab your tea or choice of drink, sit back, chill and let’s begin.

sooooo… let’s start from the real beginning shall we? it was a calm and quiet night in one of ontario’s sleepy suburban hospitals. a proud mama just gave birth to a baby girl. a sweet and cute baby that was born smiling. oh! cutie baby! lovely baby! ultimate of cuteness and supercuteness...... chubby babies, squealing babies, bouncy babies, easy to tickle babies, round babies, juicy like tenderlion babies, happy babies, curious babies and heck even the wee sad babies too.

baby catchoo_edited.jpg

she was cooing softly throughout the night 🌙 and would stir a little bit when she felt hungry. coo coo coo….. her mama and papa picked a beautiful name for this sweet wee one and ended up with a name that made her initials CAT CHOO was their last name and they spelled it weird and no one would ever pronounce it properly so it was changed to CHOO that’s right, just like jimmy choo the maker of shoes (no direct familial relation, not verified but really really great shoes by the way) coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coocoo coo coo coo coo coo coo coocoo coo coo coo bim bam smash tick tock whip slam dunk dip crush lip laps pip pip pip clang crang bam bam bam! it all started with those cute little soft coo’s and later becomes a melody of different noises. this little cat grew up as happy as a happy child could be, the little family went to the beach, had summertime farm adventures peach 🍑picking, apple 🍎 picking and strawberry 🍓picking. many summer days were spent biking 🚲 around the neighbourhood, playing with the other kids on the street, running through sprinklers and enjoying treats from an ice cream truck


there were also countless hours clocked on road trips. the best feeling in the world is driving on a sunny ☀️day, windows rolled down all the way and your eyes are closed, feeling the sunshine on your face and your hair blowing about with the wind and you're day dreaming about something fantastic. do you remember when he threw my little pony out the window? was it the light purple one with the silver ⭐️⭐️⭐️ on it’s butt? or was it the pink one with the rainbow  🌈 mane? waaaaaaiiilllllling! what was that, because not really sure how relevant that was..... moving right along..... spinning wheels kept this busy girl going, bikes, cars and especially roller skates. highlight of the weekends were rollerskating at the local indoor rollerskating rink where the kids would roll around and around and around and around and around an oval shaped rink that glistened with glossy stained wood strips. there was a disco ball, trippy colourful lights that flickered to the blasting music. bodies moved and danced with speed and ease. imagin a classic low-key snack bar with the blue and red slushies! wide booths to slide in and out of to take a social break with friends. ahh those were to good old days..... just like a really old senior citizen would say......  ahh.... that little family mama, papa, big sister, little sister, dog named sparky and black cat with yellow eyes named twinkle. (actually the dog 🐶and cat 🐱were imagined pets) it wasn't until during their teenage years did they have a real live dog, a fluffy keeshond called winnie.


but they did keep a couple hamsters for a little while and

the two of them bear and lollipop were the sweetest little

creatures ever. but like all hamsters they were quite active

during the night. their little running wheel was a little bit

loud and after awhile they weren't allowed to sleep in the

bedroom. and you know what there was one thing that

fascinated little catchoo immensely… it was stickers.

puffy stickers, colourful stickers, scratch and sniff

stickers, clear sticker, holographic stickers, BIG stickers, small stickers, round stickers, stickers on produce 🍌, free stickers, reward stickers, collectible care bear stickers, collectible garbage pail kids stickers, (old skool, back in the day, not in existence any more) fuzzy stickers, sticker sheets and kind of sticker she got her hands on was gold! have you ever personally met anyone that has said “nope not stickers I’m not into it, it’s not for me, can’t deal with it, don’t like stickers, don’t want them, don’t need them, no thank you”? that’s what i thought….. they’re just well generally liked all around! oh and it’s like oh so supercool that they defy gravity! catchoo was the biggest sticker collector ever! she had sticker albums full of stickers and had special envelops organized with the extra stickers she was saving. she had fun collecting them, playing with, trading them, organizing them and deciding where to put them. they were treats and any extra birthday money or allowance was spent on acquiring more stickers! and when you’re going through school and you get a pretty good test mark or something your teacher sticks a special sticker as your reward. double bonus, makes you feel so proud and you nailed that test! hint hint superteachers what a great way to motivate students to aim for the top, aim for the stars! wait no not just aim for the stars but to aim for the superstars! imagine not just a reward sticker from a sheet of 50 stickers but to be rewarded with a superholo snippet superbug supersticker would be triple bomb!!! 


nailed it!

you are supercute you’re supersmart, you’ve got charm, you can’t help it, you can’t stop it and maybe you don’t know even know it but it’s there, it shines right out of you like the twinkly stars ⭐️ from your eyes and mmm hmm you definitely got it. it’s basic stuff like a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and it goes on and on forever like the number googol, it’s actually the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. remember that song by chumbawamba? i get knocked down but i get up again you're never gonna keep me down i get knocked down but i get up again… that’s such a motivating  song and it’s meant to be played really loud in sports locker rooms all over the world pre-games. oh! and another winner song….. we're not gonna take it oh no, we ain't gonna take it we're not gonna take it anymore oh, you're so condescending your gall is never ending we don't want nothin', not a thing from you your life is trite and jaded boring and confiscated if that's your best, your best won't do and yes that’s a pretty bad ass thing to sing out loud. twisted sister rock on!


are you still with me? sip sip sipper taking a sip of your tea. you swing both ways too? coffee, tea and let the lovers be….. so you still wanna know a little bit more about catchoo… oh yah a super tough and rough cat 🤣that likes to chill more than anything else. one of her usual favourite places to chilllax is upon the super soft grey hammock in the backyard. it’s the idyllic setting that is shaded by trees 🌴🌴and calming with a gently sway. it’s called the grey zone and it’s quite comfortable here and once you've settled in it's hard to contemplate getting up. here’s where thoughts can swirl in and out, sometimes productive ones and sometimes not so productive ones.  just thinking about how all the little things matter and how they all eventually connect, like all those stars twinkling in the sky above us. staring at the clouds above makes one ponder and reflect on life, what they're truly grateful for, what makes them tick and maybe also think of solutions to the issues that just aren't quite right in your bubble. but hey, when it’s sunny and warm outside, it’s the best place in the world to be. do you ever wonder where are those fluffy clouds going? who lives in the clouds? shouldn't the clouds taste like cotton candy and smell sweet like marshmallows? to all the people reading this thinking hmmmm this is starting to sound kind of like you’re talking to yourself and why is no one stopping you to point this out? perhaps one might be contemplating catchoo’s a little loopy? like are you for real? ok maybe a little loopy  but in a good way! now time for me is nothin' 'cos I'm counting no age now I couldn't be there now you shouldn't be scared i'm good at repairs and i'm under each snare intangible, bet you didn't think so i command you to, p a n o r a m i c v i e w  look i'll make it all manageable pick and choose, sit and lose all you different crews chicks and dudes, who you think is really kicking tunes picture you getting down and i'll picture too like you *lit* the fuse you think it's fictional, mystical - maybe spiritual hero who appears on you to clear your view when you're too crazy lifeless to those a definition for what life is priceless to you because i put ya on the hype shift did ya like it? gut smokin' righteous but one talkin' psychic among knows possess you with one though i ain't happy, i'm feeling glad i got sunshine in a bag

i'm useless but not for long the future is coming on i ain't happy, i'm feeling glad i got sunshine in a bag

i'm useless but not for long the future is coming on it's coming on, it's coming on, it's coming on, it's coming on clint eastwood lyrics by gorillaz written by edwin makromallis / damon albarn / jamie hewlett / irie (credits, props, respect) so well put, been a favourite since the release in 2001 two decades old and still strong. a song that never gets skipped during a random shuffle of library songs. on the random shuffle the top ten other gems that never gets skipped are:

1. cut your teeth~ kyla la grange

2. nothing in my way~ keane

3. feel good inc.~ gorillaz

4. round and round~ cannons

5. easily~ grimes

6. bad guy~ billie eilish

7. jubel~ klingande

8. crystallized~ leo nite 

9. bright lights~ cannons

10. equilibrium~ darius & wayne snow

next up catchoo’s top eleven list of favourite fictional characters! here we go!

1. tarepanda

2. spongebob squarepants 

3. sup

4. bubbles from powerpuff girls

5. miffy

6. all the minions

7.  baymax

8. keroppi

9. chococat

10. garfield

11. lilo pelekai 

favourite  animals top ten list 

1. panda 

2. pangolins

3. hedgehog

4. quokka

5. sea turtles

6. cats  

7. bugs

8. fish

9. birds

10. dogs

favourite drinks (not another top ten list) bubble tea, carmel frappacino, sparkling water, blueberry banana smoothies, mother’s little helper tea

if catchoo wasn’t an artist… top eleven other supercool things to do with human time

1. flower shop owner or farmer

2. librarian

3. queen of a country

4. philanthropist

5. conservationist saving pangolins

6. secret agent spy

7. rock star

8. adventurist/travel blogger

9. aerial photographer

10. astronomer

11. DJ

here's a fun fact: irL catchoo's hair is green a thing or two about super, it really means of high grade or quality, very large or powerful, exhibiting the characteristics of its type to an extreme or excessive degree, surpassing all or most others and the kind of primal reactions one should feel when presented with something super is a pleasant aura, a cosmic energy, a warm glow, chill vibe and bliss like you just found your new lucky charm. anything and anyone can be super, there’s just one or two little added details that pulls that thing over to the next level to super. fantastic! it’s over above and beyond! what’s your unique x factor, that

je ne sais quoi, that something that’s undeniable and draws others to you like an invisible magnet. BIG BEAUTIFUL YOU! supercutie sprinkle that charm everywhere like glitter! supernice, supersmart, superchill, superstar, supertall, supersmall, superbug, superplant, superstashsupermonster, supercar, superspacey, superdope, supermoto, superrad, supersticky supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, supertender, superman, supersmash, supersecretsuperlove, superjojo, supershop, superplanet, supersunny, superdangeroussuperduper, supersonic is a word when people start to listen especially bigger people, they pay close attention you might not believe it, you might not even buy it but when it comes to our lady (beatbox) you might even try it supersonic supersonic now all you supersonic people try to bite our rhymes you may think that you are def, but you're way behind s-s-so, you better listen good to what we have to say cause when it comes to j.j. fad, you can't get no play supersonic supersonic now he's the freshest ~~~ DJ ~~~ from coast to coast my man can cut and scratch, but i don't mean to boast he may be a little light, but that's ok cuz when he cuts to the beat, it sounds this way hit it supersonic supersonic uh, uh, uh, yeah, it's finally my turn to rock the mic because my devastating beats I know you will like you see my beat box is fresh, it'll blow your mind and if you don't like my beats, i'll go big in your behind (ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-uh-uh-ha) supersonic supersonic now you party people know what supersonic means we didn't try to brag cuz j.j. fad is just too clean now baby, don't you know that our rhymes are so bionic don't listen too hard, don't be supersonic supersonic supersonic you see, the is for super And the U is for unique the P is for perfection and you know that we are freaks the is for exotic and the R is for raps so tell those nosy people just to stay the hell back! do you remember this old skool track? too fun right? j.j. fad bringing us back to 1988 where were you that year?

we’re going to take a bit of a break here… tap tap tap… but here’s a random superchill word to consider before we part.  FIKA [fee-ka] swedish meaning a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. so we gotta part for now.... until the next chapter (dun dun dun) it will be continued here at a later time. come back? ok? ok! catchoo later!