superholo superstickers

superholo superstickers


this is the supreme-o supersticker pack! feel the cosmic energy when you join the superforces five 3” BiG superstickers….. when light reflects off one of these superholo superstickers it radiates a rainbow of colours that levels up the atmospheric good vibes.

catch this exclusive catchoo art in this initial release limited superholo pack now~ let’s go! 

special just released ~joint effort~ supersticker made during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown as a way to commemorate all our efforts in making our world safe and “normal” again.

ridiculously supersticky adhesive! made for long-lasting use but please make sure surface is clean before placing a supersticker.

  • details

    • shipping within canada free! (lucky canuck 😉) international shipping + $3
    • stickers printed in the usa
    • design and packaging from canada
    • ships out in 1-2 days
    • clear package is made from plants and is compostable